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Fashion Show 1st July 12pm SL time by Nicky Ree

Fashion Show by Nicky Ree!! watch her blog:

 Location: ASpiRe Isle (114, 149, 26).



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Nice Architecture Design!

While roaming around SL, saw this special design place for rent…



Notice that from the outside, we are not able to see inside. But from the inside, the view is superb. We are able to see outside and there is still a stage for events. Nice!!

This area is very near SLPD SWAT HQ.  For those that are interested, please let me know.. I will provide the SLURL.

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My first product for

Spent many hours thinking of my first product for Came across a book with a nice pic of a Nyonya Kebaya. That’s it! it’s going to be first product. Did a research on wiki and other places on Kebaya. Basically, excerpt from Wikipedia, a kebaya is “A Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian and Malaysian women, sometimes made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong, batik, or other traditional knitted garment such as a songket with a colorful motif.”

 After many hours and hours on my design, I got my first product.. I was so excited and immediately sent a notice to my group to grab it free!! Alas, in my excitement, I attached the wrong object in my notice and haha (I attached a white plain skirt and a boring t-shirt). What a day! My first notice and I got it wrong. Luckily, thanks to Tanglyn, I managed to get it right the second time and she become my first model….

 My second model on the same Kebaya was Rollin. Now, let see how the two stand side by side…

Looking at them… I must say that it was a satisfying thing… more products to come… 🙂

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Meeting at Lion City

Alvin Korvin initiated this meeting of Singaporeans in SL as the group swells above 400 members. It was an interesting sight.. I was a bit late but still got the chance to see many Singaporean Residents there (at Lion City).

Transformer from SL Singapore

I was honoured to be asked by Alvin about my new group For those that do not know about my group, it is something that I conceptualise to understand the needs of the residents and at the same time, make things (which is one of my hobby) for SL. Most of the items are given FREE to the group for testing and feedback. Some of them are kind enough to become my model for my product.. haha

BTW, a contest is going on to look for Avatar with the Most Asian Face…

 Drop me a comment if you wish to join and don’t know how.. or IM me in-world (JoeTeh Spear)

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Second Life is 4 years old – SL4B!!

The day is here, SL4B (Second Life 4th Birthday) on 23rd June 2007. The area was supposed to open at 12:00pm SL time. I waited patiently for it and when the time comes, I tried to teleport myself to the party…  What a disappointment… I could not (no reason given). I tried many times until I gave up and contacted the organizer. Was told that the area was open already. So, again I tried and tried and finally, I was IN!! the minimap is just a patch of GREEN!! It was incredible to host so many people at the same area. I was filled with excitement.. so many residents…first time to see so many Lindens around. I wandered around and finally stopped at area SL04 – SERVER FULL!!! And I cannot enter the region. Waited and tried many methods… finally I gave up!! Happy Birthday, Second Life!!
PS: Many residents have the same problem too!!

Ok..ok.. no more grumbling.. I still have some pictures to share…

Many residents are waiting…. including myself

End…. 😦

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Attended this event yesterday. An eye opener as there are more than 200 residents attending. See this minimap as it speaks for itself.

Speakers for that day was Philip Rosedale, Founder and CEO of Linden Labs and Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation. The event was a mixture of “LIVE” interview with residents able to send IM to ask question and selected questions will be answered “LIVE”. Some more information on the event itself.

PHILANTHROPY IN VIRTUAL WORLDS EVENTUSC ANNENBERG PUBLIC DIPLOMACY ISLANDFRIDAY, JUNE 22, 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM SLT Advancing collaboration and human developmentAn event hosted by the USC Center on Public Diplomacy Please join us for a conversation with Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale (a.k.a. Philip Linden) and Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation, for a discussion about how philanthropy in virtual worlds might better the real world. How might philanthropies capitalize upon the“virtual revolution” to advance the public interest? How can the international nature of virtual worlds best be leveraged? How should charitable funds — real or virtual —  be distributed to non-profit causes? These are just a few of the questions framing this discussion, but we want you to come and ask more questions and share your thoughts. Plus, meet Philip Linden and Jonathan Fanton, as well as a host of others from the foundation, nonprofit, education, gaming, humanitarian, and public policy sectors.

Information on the speakers

Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden in SL)

Jonathan Fanton (Jonathan Fanton in SL)

 Live music was also stream in… very cool.. Took some video, will show them later….

The Event Area


The Reception

Interesting Residents in the Event

Special Introduction for King Zuhal as he is the founder for SLPD SWAT and haha, I am one of them.. he is the one that invited us for this event..

That’s all, for this event….

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Finally, my own website

After struggling mentally for some time, I finally made the first step to acquire a domain name on 12th June 2007 ( Many names floated pass me and finally, I decided to call my domain JT-inc.

What is JT-inc? It is my personal dream of owning something that I love to do… design clothes and etc for SL (Although I have done similar in another 3-D environment program, it was not this big). It is something that I wish I could find in SL but yet to find it. Therefore, I founded in SL too.

JT-inc will be a place for beautiful members and any person who wishes to become beautiful and better in SL or RL. In this group, I will provide free goodies and also announce new apparel for members.

 Watch out for this logo…


Please help to spread the words and join this group for FREE! Do a search in SL in GROUPS. It is just that simple.

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REST IN PEACE, Gabbie Beck (RL name Jennifer)

A piece of bad news to share with everyone… Got this IM from SLPD SWAT Group 😦

 “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of MP Gabbie Beck (RL name Jennifer) who had been a concientious member of SWAT for the past 2 months.  She passed away on 10th June 2007, a week after having suffered an annurysm and spending the last week of her life in intensive care.  This fun, kind thoughtful girl will be missed by all at SWAT. We will hold a memorial service for her later this week.
Rest in peace Gabbie”


A close-up of the police prayer



Life is so volatile….  although I am not close to her.. I have seen her a few times at SLPD SWAT headquarter. My heart goes to her family members and close friends in RL and SL. SLPD SWAT is kind enough to provide consellors for those that could not bear the lost…

 BTW, Officer Colbyson from SLPD SWAT was kind enough to make a sword to commemorate her.

Close up of the SLPD SWAT Insignia

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Help! We have to find Madeleine

This girl is missing was abucted… let’s do our part and try to locate her… SecondLife residents are putting signboards… all over the places in hope of somebody that can recognise her… I’m doing my part here. Don’t just take a look… take a good look at the pic (look at her eyes for some birth mark).. she may be just around us….


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What’s so Interesting about Second Life??

For a start, I am not sure what is so interesting about Second Life. After roaming around aimlessly for days at Help Island and teleporting through the many regions, I finally found a place call home, Lion City. I met many like minded people there and make many friends. Who says sitting in front of the computer is isolating yourself from the world??

In this virtual world, you met all kind, types of people.. good, bad, you name it, you get it.. you must be thinking this is a crazy world, what the hell am I doing here… Let me tell you, that’s the beauty of it. So I walk, fly, teleport around and met wonderful people and friends..

There is protest, there are law enforcer (haha, I’m one of them from SLPD SWAT.. will talk more about that later)

 One pic of the protest

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Hello Real World (RL), Join the fun in Second Life (SL)

Ever wake up in the morning and not knowing what’s going to happen today?

Ever thought of why are we working through our lives??

Ever thought of pursuing our dreams and live life to the fullest???

hmm… sounds like YOU or ME or everyone else in this planet!?

This is what I call a  REAL WORLD

My name is Joe…. and this is my first blog…. I’m going to share one simple way to “get out” of this real world and live a life that you will never imagine… sit tight … the journey is about to begin………………..

In my blog, I’m going to share with everyone on my venture into the virtual world, a world which we can become someone (or something) that we can never imagine, a world so powerful that changes people’s lives forever… I will post pictures and video of my adventure.. along the way, through my experience, I will guide you to interesting sites, sound and people…

Of course, feel free to make comments and lets learn and share together… Now, let’s embrace ourselves and welcome to the Virtual World



My name is JoeTeh Spear in Second Life (SL), this is my first blog, welcome to the brand new virtual world……

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