Second Life 101

Second Life Simplified

Hello Real World (RL), Join the fun in Second Life (SL)

Ever wake up in the morning and not knowing what’s going to happen today?

Ever thought of why are we working through our lives??

Ever thought of pursuing our dreams and live life to the fullest???

hmm… sounds like YOU or ME or everyone else in this planet!?

This is what I call a  REAL WORLD

My name is Joe…. and this is my first blog…. I’m going to share one simple way to “get out” of this real world and live a life that you will never imagine… sit tight … the journey is about to begin………………..

In my blog, I’m going to share with everyone on my venture into the virtual world, a world which we can become someone (or something) that we can never imagine, a world so powerful that changes people’s lives forever… I will post pictures and video of my adventure.. along the way, through my experience, I will guide you to interesting sites, sound and people…

Of course, feel free to make comments and lets learn and share together… Now, let’s embrace ourselves and welcome to the Virtual World



My name is JoeTeh Spear in Second Life (SL), this is my first blog, welcome to the brand new virtual world……


June 4, 2007 - Posted by | SecondLife

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