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Second Life is 4 years old – SL4B!!

The day is here, SL4B (Second Life 4th Birthday) on 23rd June 2007. The area was supposed to open at 12:00pm SL time. I waited patiently for it and when the time comes, I tried to teleport myself to the party…  What a disappointment… I could not (no reason given). I tried many times until I gave up and contacted the organizer. Was told that the area was open already. So, again I tried and tried and finally, I was IN!! the minimap is just a patch of GREEN!! It was incredible to host so many people at the same area. I was filled with excitement.. so many residents…first time to see so many Lindens around. I wandered around and finally stopped at area SL04 – SERVER FULL!!! And I cannot enter the region. Waited and tried many methods… finally I gave up!! Happy Birthday, Second Life!!
PS: Many residents have the same problem too!!

Ok..ok.. no more grumbling.. I still have some pictures to share…

Many residents are waiting…. including myself

End…. 😦


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