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What a disappointment.. can’t TP in SL

First… found that I can’t TP, next, found that my L$ is showing “loading…”. Took a look at the blog and at least found some relief that the problem is common for all…

So took a break today to clear up my inventories.. found so many rubbish. After clearing still left with thousands of inventories..

I took some time to arrange my clothing series in different Collection. First, my Camouflage Collection, next my Lace Collection and finally, my Denim Collection…

Very excited over the fashion show to be put up at Reddars Clubhouse. With given luck, we will have Enzio (for those who do not know, Enzio is a DJ in SL and in RL. Look for his super cool look in my blog). Already heard that the models are ready. Now, just need some arrangement on my clothing series and photoshoot. Zalyn is working hard on the clubhouse studio.

 BTW, Reddars Clubhouse is also selling furnitures, as well as clothing range from Zalyn and….

ok.. need to get back to arrange my inventories… 🙂


July 31, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, camouflage, denim, Design, DJ, event, Fashion, floral, jacket, lace, model, reddars, scarf, second life, SecondLife, shirt, Singapore, tshirt

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