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Camouflage Fetish

After looking at Nicky Ree wonderful collection… I was inspired to come up with a collection myself..

 So… after many thoughts.. I decided to build a range of clothing based on Camouflage.. Here’s a sneak preview of the range..

 Let me know your comments 🙂 …


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My first Fashion Show!

I was there.., the fashion show by Nicky Ree. It was a first to me. Went there early to see the preparation. “I also overheard someone asking why I am snapping pictures of the place although the show has not started yet. Haha… 🙂

DJ playing live music for the crowd

BTW, a nice professional camera awaits the models…

There were many beautiful people there…. with beautiful clothing..

 And also strange looking ones..

 Finally, at 12pm SL time (3am Singapore time), the show started. Manage to take a snap at Nicky Ree at the VIP seats

Our compere is none other than Aspire boss..

Now, the models with Nicky’s design…

 So sad that I have to leave early as it is already very very late in Singapore.. nevertheless, I must say that it is an eye opener for me… will try to join again.. 🙂

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