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NIE (National Institute of Education) in SL!

Today, while roaming around Lion City, I chanced upon a group of people in a nearby island. On closer look, there was a sign board stating that this little island belongs to NIE for some gallery purpose.


Me and my new Polo Shirt


While I was talking to another fellow SL resident, Woshiren, one of the NIE people (with a “I’m am a Teacher” title) tried to make the first contact with us using the Voice function. As many may know, SL residents are not so adventurous to use this voice function. So I hastily answered him that we prefer to type. He just keep saying “who are these guys. Who is JoeTeh? Who is Woshizen” or something like that…

I explained to him that I can hear him and he again asked us who we are. Finally, he walked away without getting his answer. A moment later, while I was talking to Woshiren, he turned to us and use the most amazing words that could come out from a teacher (or to-be teacher).. below are the transcript..

[1:51]  woshiren Kappler: stop dancing
[1:51]  woshiren Kappler: lol
[1:51]  You: ya
[1:51]  You: me not dancing
[1:51]  woshiren Kappler: u are
[1:51]  You: really
[1:52]  IzOneD Arai: shut uo joe
[1:52]  IzOneD Arai: shut up joe
[1:52]  You: woshi, let’s go

But at least he corrected his spelling mistake… sadden by this incident and I know all Singaporeans are good people by nature. Will try to talk to him again if I see him… (btw, I had some problem with the animation.. that’s why Woshiren is asking me to stop dancing and that may cause him to think I am some annoying fellow although my title hovering above my head is “JT-inc Designer”)…. 😦

Hi, IzOneD, if you are watching this… please leave a comment. Peace 🙂  Thanks.


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