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Help Unitus!! Help fight proverty

Today, I am derailing from my SecondLife posting to promote a charity event. Please note, this is NOT a secondlife event. It is a real life event, called the World Internet Main Event which will be held from 13 –16 September. Druing this event, it is going to help to fight against poverty by performing a charity event.  I finally got the link of the organization that it is going to help. It is called UNITUS. To become an early bird so that you can opt in and get notifications about the event ahead of time, please follow this link: 

Yes! I want to become an early bird and know more information on this event 

Please note that I am NOT earning a single cent in this awareness promotion. I just want to help. Even if you don’t help, please take a look at video presentation and sent this link out to as many people as possible. Many of us who had attended the previous Internet Summit are doing our part to make the seeming impossible task to happen by hitting the donation target. Please note that you do not need to donate. Just click the watch the video and I’m sure that you will feel blessed with the environment that we have.

By the way, for those who made contributions to help UNITUS, will be given tons of good information (eg. E-books, audio recordings, superb links and etc) to help start up a business in internet marketing. I am basing on my experience on the May event in Singapore. Till date, I have not finished reading those materials J

So, let’s do our part and help UNITUS! Help ourselves and make a better world for you and me!!

Joe Teh (


September 4, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, event, internet marketing, Singapore, unitus

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