Second Life 101

Second Life Simplified


My name is JoeTeh Spear. Second Life has become a platform to express my inner self and to unlease my creativity. SL has been good to me. Make many friends from all walks of life. Managed to set up a group, to try out making products that right now is selling at Reddars Clubhouse (A Joint Venture project with fellow Singaporeans and leveraging and each other strength) and also at SLexchange. Purpose of this group is of course to gather people that can appreciated my product and in reciprocal, I give out some of my products as a gesture of thanks for staying with me.

In RL, in order to free myself from the burden of loans, money and etc, setup a website that are selling products that can CHANGE LIFE, GET YOUR FREEDOM TO ENJOY THE LIFESTYLE THAT YOU REALLY WANT  Success to whatever we do.


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