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Party at Reddars Clubhouse!!

Once again, Reddars Clubhouse hosted a Live Streaming Party with Live DJ (Enzio, of course) last Friday… there are pole dancing and etc… Again.. I have taken some pics. This time, I took some videos also… enjoy… 


Finale of the Night, A kiss of Enzio and Junie who are Boyfriend and Girlfriend in real life. Cheers!!!! 🙂


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Latest Model Shoot Pics

Yesterday, Zal, Enzio and I are working late to come up with a series of posters for one of my latest shirt collection and also one retro looking Silhoutte series.

Here are some of my latest poster and some cheekly shot of Enzio who couldn’t stay still for the shoot…





Here are some behind the scene of Enzio with his funny expressions



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Corset Belt

After making clothing till date, I realised that I do not have much accessories.. inspired by a RL corset belt, I made one in SL.. many work done to make the buckles and belt with leather. A screen shot of the product..

It is supposed to be worn as a jacket and to be worn over a dress, long shirt or jacket.

Also, recently, I make a new sexy blouse that comes with a prim ribbon. In the picture below, it was modelled by Gizelle.

 I also continue my denim series with a short Denim shorts for lady.. screenshot below

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Singapore National Day Celebration at Reddars Clubhouse

The party was supposed to start at 10pm (Singapore time) on the 9th August. Somehow, there’s some problem with SL. Cannot teleport and other minor issues…

Nevertheless, we managed to reach Reddars Clubhouse before 12 midnight to wish everyone a happy 42nd National Day.. what a difference this year, for me to celebrate National Day in SL..

Gizelle became the DJ for the night.. with some hiccups on the music streaming. After some tuning, all went well.. way to go, gal!  She has a sweet voice.. should visit Reddars next time to hear her sweeeeet voice, haha..  (Gizelle busy at work.. )


The theme for the night is RED and some of the gals came dressing with our National Flag theme.. (Chiling with her “National Dress”)

There was pole dancing, Gizelle dressed as a nurse. We have Cookie Monster, South Park and etc.


Things get more interesting as we pass 12 midnight. Enzio appeared and was forced to become the DJ. During this time, many people requested to hear him sing “live” but we only managed to hear a clip of his singing.. not bad, I must say… Enzio!! Then, out of sudden, Indian songs are played (I remembered the Happy Birthday song in Indian.. too bad for those who missed it).

BTW, Reddars had setup their own blog at

Feel free to visit them…

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Photoshoot at Reddars Studio

Did a photoshoot for the up and coming shopfront at Reddars Studio. Was fun doing all the poses and clothing change..

 Here are some snapshots of the photoshoot…

I will post the done up pics in a few days.

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What a disappointment.. can’t TP in SL

First… found that I can’t TP, next, found that my L$ is showing “loading…”. Took a look at the blog and at least found some relief that the problem is common for all…

So took a break today to clear up my inventories.. found so many rubbish. After clearing still left with thousands of inventories..

I took some time to arrange my clothing series in different Collection. First, my Camouflage Collection, next my Lace Collection and finally, my Denim Collection…

Very excited over the fashion show to be put up at Reddars Clubhouse. With given luck, we will have Enzio (for those who do not know, Enzio is a DJ in SL and in RL. Look for his super cool look in my blog). Already heard that the models are ready. Now, just need some arrangement on my clothing series and photoshoot. Zalyn is working hard on the clubhouse studio.

 BTW, Reddars Clubhouse is also selling furnitures, as well as clothing range from Zalyn and….

ok.. need to get back to arrange my inventories… 🙂

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Reddars Clubhouse Party .. with live DJ, Enzio.. Cool

Attended Reddars Clubhouse Party.. wow.. with live DJ, Enzio Watanabe.. a picture speaks more than a thousand words… enjoy those pics.. also introducing Reddars founder, Gizelle Slade and land owner cum Reddars Planner, Zalyn Bailey…

DJ Enzio Watanabe..

 Reddars (Red Darlings) Founder, Gizelle Slade

Reddars Planning, Zalyn Bailey

 The rest of the pics.. enjoy..

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